OKU Bento

at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

Renowned for its authentic Japanese flavours and the delightful contemporary twist to its dishes, OKU at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta offers not only fabulous food but also an ambience of zen-like calm and sophistication.

Chef Kazumasa Yazawa, popularly known as Chef Kaz, has curated a menu offering some wonderful Japanese dishes crafted from the best quality ingredients, while utilising modern techniques and presentation.

If you just can’t decide what to choose, then take a culinary adventure with the Okukase menu, which changes based on the freshest seasonal ingredients and what inspires Chef Kaz that day.

Popular items on the menu include the Houba Wagyu made from the highest-marbled A5 Hokkaido sirloin served with black garlic miso and macadamia nuts, sea urchin toast served with abalone on a mother of pearl shell and the sublime Hokkaido scallops with white miso gratin and ikura. Chef Kaz has also prepared three bento boxes, offering some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes in a form that is ideal for a quick lunch, a party or business lunch.

For us, though, one must-eat dish at OKU is the truffle gyu don, a wonderful combination of US beef with black truffle sauce and runny onsen egg that combines a savoury, slightly sweet sauce with tender meat and fluffy rice.

OKU karaage is another must-eat dish. These crunchy black chunks are, in fact, tender fried chicken in squid ink batter and hide a superb spicy mayonnaise inside for a mouth-watering delight with every bite.

Must Try!

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