OKU at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

OKU at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta


On the topic of stellar Japanese cuisine in Jakarta, we bet that OKU will be the star of the conversation. Located at the legendary Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, OKU shines bright in the talented hands of Chef Kazumasa Yazawa. Yazawa starts with knowing the importance of preserving authentic flavours and traditional techniques, before elevating the process with a modern interpretation – resulting in the city’s most exquisite Japanese fare.

Highly coveted in the city’s discerning dining scene, OKU almost needs no introduction. If you’re a first-timer, however, don’t miss the restaurant’s finest signature dishes. Start with the classic Japanese appetiser of edamame enhanced with a dash of truffle salt. OKU Karaage is widely known for its black façade and widely loved for its surprising flavour and sensation of the juicy chicken and shichimi balsamic teriyaki filling.

Savour even more by opting for the sashimi platter with seven kinds of chef-selected seasonal fish and appreciate the freshness of the produce. Modern sushi dishes are also available, such as OKU Aburi Salmon Roll with salmon roe and caviar. A must-try hearty dish is the Truffle Gyu Don, served with truffle sauce and runny onsen egg.

A bar is situated near the entrance of the restaurant, providing an oasis where you can have a glass of Japanese whiskey before dinner, or a series of premium sake after dinner. Complementing the OKU experience is its elegant wooden interior and clean lines, reminiscent of Japanese aesthetics. The Japanese tea garden adds to the zen tranquillity of the venue, making it easy to forget that you are dining in the heart of busy Jakarta.


  • OKU Karaage
  • Truffle Gyu Don
  • OKU Aburi Salmon Roll

OKU at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta
Jalan M.H. Thamrin, Jakarta 10310, Indonesia
T: (+62) 2123583800
E: info.jakarta@kempinski.com