Bai Yun

Bai Yun

Situated at the majestic The Apurva Kempinski Bali, Bai Yun brings diversity to the island’s culinary offerings. Launched in 2021, the restaurant showcases the convivial hot pot dining concept that originated in China before it became popular in Southeast Asia.

With a name that means white cloud in Mandarin Chinese, Bai Yun is helmed by Executive Chef Ho Weng Kit, who already possesses more than 25 years in the culinary industry. At Bai Yun, Chef Kit and his team focus solely on high-quality ingredients flown in from all around the world. The meat and seafood are imported, while the vegetables are locally sourced to ensure freshness.

Long-time fans of hot pot know that the key is in the choice of broth, a nourishing soup that will define the rest of the journey. The remarkably talented chefs at Bai Yun have crafted a host of signature soup bases, including the comforting chicken herbal, and the luscious pork ribs, while there is also an excellent vegetarian option. If you cannot decide on just one broth, you can combine more than one flavour and enjoy an assortment of flavours at the same time while indulging in a wide range of premium meat, fresh seafood, vegetables, noodles, mushrooms, tofu and meatballs.

Premium Meat

In addition to the superbly nourishing hot pot, Bai Yun also offers an array of mouthwatering dim sums during lunchtime and for the weekend brunch. Named Dim Sum and More, the offer invites diners to an all-you-can-eat dim sum lunch that comprises up to 31 kinds of dim sum daily, from 12 noon to 3pm. The lunch starts with 15 varieties of dim sum served at the table that you can choose, before you decide on what you want to order next. 

Exquisite Taste Volume 39

Bai Yun

The Apurva Kempinski Bali

Jalan Raya Nusa Dua, Sawangan

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3612092288




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