Talented Chef: Awaludin Ahmad – Pastry Chef at Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta

Talented Chef: Awaludin Ahmad – Pastry Chef at Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta

Awaludin Ahmad

Awaludin Ahmad, the esteemed pastry chef at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta emerges as the visionary force steering the course of the delectable world of pastries and bakery delights that grace the esteemed hotel’s culinary offerings. With a skilful touch and culinary finesse that reflects years of expertise, Chef Awaludin not only oversees but meticulously curates the pastry and bakery section across a spectrum of outlets, transcending the confines of the kitchen to shape the gastronomic narrative of the entire hotel. This expansive role includes the distinguished Cinnamon restaurant and extends its reach to other culinary realms, including the banquet service, where Chef Awaludin leaves an indelible mark on each dining experience.

Within the space of The Mandarin Cake Shop, a haven revered by sweet connoisseurs, Chef Awaludin’s unparalleled creativity takes centre stage. This artisanal enclave becomes the canvas for his culinary mastery, showcasing a diverse array of meticulously crafted pastries, cakes and desserts that not only tantalise the taste buds but also serve as a testament to his commitment to elevating the hotel’s culinary reputation.

Under the astute leadership of Chef Awaludin, Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta’s pastry and bakery offerings evolve into a hallmark of innovation and quality. Beyond the artistry of flavours and textures, Chef Awaludin infuses his passion for the craft into each creation, leaving an enduring and enchanting impression on guests who partake in the sweet symphony of flavours meticulously woven by this masterful pastry chef. His culinary legacy becomes a vibrant thread in the rich tapestry of Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta’s commitment to delivering unparalleled dining experiences.

E: How did you first decide to be a pastry chef?
A: Twenty-two years ago, my career began in a French restaurant. After working as a prep cook, I felt that there wasn’t enough challenge. In the end, I decided to transfer to the pastry department because I believed this field would suit me, as it constantly demands innovation and presents challenges.

E: What are your responsibilities as the pastry chef at Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta?
As a pastry chef in a five-star hotel, my job involves everything related to pastries and baking. This includes creating menus, ordering supplies, ensuring food safety, supervising the team and keeping up with the latest trends in the industry.

E: What makes the pastry and bakery offerings at Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta special?
I believe all the pastries and baked goods at Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta are exceptional, yet some stand out even more, such as the cakes and bread at The Mandarin Cake Shop. I, along with my team, wholeheartedly created these delights for cake and bread enthusiasts. Examples include the American chocolate cake and American chocolate croissants.

E: What or who has been your biggest inspiration when it comes to crafting culinary creations?
Honestly, my journey into pastry began with being inspired by a female pastry chef. From there, I delved into books, gained hands-on experience abroad and had the chance to learn from remarkable pastry chefs. This process broadened my understanding of pastry. Now, I enjoy observing and appreciating the multitude of creative expressions in the pastry world through social media. Witnessing the rapid growth of creativity is something I truly cherish.

Strawberry Shortcake, American Chocolate Cake, Lapis Legit & Blueberry Cheese Cake

E: What do you think a good pastry chef should have?
In my view, a pastry chef should possess distinctive qualities that set them apart from others. This includes a unique approach to flavours, the ability to innovate while aligning with current trends, and a combination of assertiveness and a collaborative spirit within a team.


  • American Chocolate Cake
  • American Chocolate Croissant
  • Black Forest

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