Talented Chef: Lukman Hakim – Executive Sous Chef at Raffles Jakarta

Talented Chef: Lukman Hakim – Executive Sous Chef at Raffles Jakarta

Snuggly ensconced between the city’s retail and business epicenter of Mega Kuningan, Raffles Jakarta invites you on an extraordinary culinary journey, promising a symphony of flavours, innovative techniques, and the finest ingredients that linger in memory.

Lukman Hakim

Starting with Arts Café by Raffles, the hotel’s flagship restaurant where open kitchens create a tableau of art and cuisine. Against the backdrop of Hendra Gunawan’s vibrant artwork, indulge in an elegant buffet or choose from Continental and Asian à la carte offerings. Chef Lukman Hakim’s weekly-rotating menu features house dry-aged premium cuts, Japanese specials, and his signature modern Indonesian delicacies, ensuring a culinary experience that is both exquisite and diverse.

Escape to the 14th-floor rooftop garden and discover Navina Pool Bar, a stylish poolside haven offering handcrafted pizza, local bites, and refreshing craft cocktails. Amidst leafy gardens and Hendra Gunawan’s art installations, the bar provides a serene respite from the city’s hustle. For special occasions, book a cabana and savour the moment with your loved ones.

Raffles Jakarta’s renowned dining destination, The Dining Room, offers an intimate dining area and a state-of-the-art show kitchen. It is the home to the city’s most intriguing restaurant takeovers and star-studded culinary collaborations, providing an impeccable private dining experience that reflects the epitome of gastronomic excellence.

Finish your gastronomic adventure at The Writers Bar, a homage to legendary authors who made Raffles Singapore their home. Adorned with the vibrant palette of artist Hendra Gunawan, it’s a destination for social afternoon teas, intimate conversations, and after-work tipples. Enjoy Chef Lukman Hakim’s signature light bites, Pastry Chef Anom Putra’s exquisite desserts, and handcrafted cocktails in an atmosphere that exudes sophistication.

E: Your culinary journey has taken you to various countries, including Japan, the Netherlands, and Dubai. How have these international experiences influenced your approach to cooking, and what elements from each culture do you incorporate into your dishes at Arts Café by Raffles?
A: International culinary experiences influenced my approach to cooking. I incorporated Japanese precision and fresh, seasonal ingredients, Dutch hearty and comfort food elements, and Dubai’s rich, aromatic flavours into my dishes at Arts Café by Raffles. These elements reflected in my choice of ingredients, cooking techniques, presentation style, and even the fusion of flavours. It’s the blend of these experiences that often leads to my unique and exciting menu.

E: In your role as Executive Sous Chef at Raffles Jakarta, you’ve been busy revamping Arts Café’s culinary offerings. What inspired your vision for transforming the restaurant into an elevated, globally-inspired dining destination, and what challenges did you face during this process?
Transforming a restaurant into a globally-inspired dining destination can be inspired by a variety of factors. These might include a desire to introduce patrons to diverse culinary traditions, a passion for global flavours, or a commitment to innovation in the culinary arts. The challenges can include sourcing high-quality, authentic ingredients; training staff to prepare a variety of international dishes; and ensuring a balance between innovation and respect for traditional recipes. Hence we are focusing the offering to cater our loyal guests and showcase through our events. 

E: You’ve introduced new specialties at Arts Café, such as the Smoked Magret Duck and Josper-Grilled Octopus. Can you elaborate on the creative process behind designing these dishes, and what kind of culinary experiences do you aim to offer your guests with these unique creations?
The creative process behind designing dishes often involves several steps. The inspiration can come from various sources such as local produce, cultural traditions, or even personal experiences. I often draw inspiration from my travels, the city trends, changing seasons and my team. As for experimentations, I like to study with different ingredients and cooking techniques to create a unique dish. This stage often involves a lot of trial and error. After the dish is created, I make necessary adjustments to the flavour, texture, and presentation. This tasting and refinement step is crucial to ensure the dish meets the chef’s standards. Lastly is the presentation, the final step in highlighting the dish in a way that is visually appealing and enhances the overall dining experience. The presentation can be as important as the taste of the dish itself. However, the ultimate goal is often to provide a memorable dining experience that delights the senses and introduces diners to new flavours and cultures at Arts Café.

Special Beef of the Day

E: Arts Café by Raffles under your leadership is described as an invitation to embark on a gastronomic adventure. Could you share a memorable moment or dish that encapsulates this adventurous spirit, highlighting the intersection of global flavours and your creative culinary twist?
A: One of the memorable moments was when we organized an exclusive showcase for the Canadian Embassy with the Ambassador himself present during dinner. I have hands-on experience in developing the menu and, gaining insight into their local produce and ingredients, and enriching my knowledge and creativity along the way. Afterwards, we applied the insight into the Sunday Brunch menu, which received terrific feedback and appreciation from our guests. Following that intro event, Arts Café Brunch was sold out for three weeks.  


  • Smoked Magret Duck 
  • Josper-Grilled Octopus
  • Turkey Ballotine

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