An Unreservedly Mediterranean Gin

An Unreservedly Mediterranean Gin

Savoury and unusual, balanced and complex, Gin Mare is a delightful super premium Spanish gin crafted with Mediterranean botanicals

Crafted in the small Spanish fishing town of Vilanova, just outside Barcelona, Gin Mare super premium gin embodies the true Mediterranean spirit. Crammed with local Mediterranean botanicals its rich oils linger as the drinker embarks on something akin to a spiritual adventure.

Gin Mare is made at a distillery housed within a 13th century chapel located in an ancient fishing village between the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada. Since its beginnings, the sole intention has been to create a distinctive and truly Mediterranean gin using traditional rhythms and techniques.

A savoury gin characterised by its spicy, herbal and citrus notes, each batch is individually hand-crafted due to the different levels of acidity found each year in the star botanical, the Arbequina olive. The process starts with premium barley and the delicate maceration and independent distilling of each botanical, which allows each to express itself in the end product.

The signature blending then results in a gin that is savoury, balanced and complex. Botanicals like rosemary lend a pine-like, woody scent, whilst the Italian sweet basil imparts anise-like, balsamic and camphor aromatic notes, and more traditional ingredients, along with the Arbequina olives, basil, thyme and rosemary, produce a markedly different aromatic profile when compared with other gins.

Gin Mare is a bartender’s dream and its complexity and style are truly expressed as the primary ingredient of a signature cocktail. Here are a couple of classically refreshing, but interestingly different, gin & tonics to make at home.

Aviation Gin & Tonic


50ml Gin Mare
15ml violet liqueur (Crème de Violette)
5ml lemon juice
5ml marasquino liqueur
200ml 1724 tonic water


Fill a large glass with ice, add all the ingredients, top with tonic and stir. Garnish with marasquino cherries and dehydrated lime wheels.

Lavender Gin & Tonic


50 ml Gin Mare
Infusion of lavender tea
200 ml 1724 tonic water


Fill a large glass with ice, add all the ingredients, top with tonic and stir. Garnish with a sprig of lavender and fresh and dehydrated lemon wheels.

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