A Latin Taste Parade at Carbón

A Latin Taste Parade at Carbón

Ceviche Platter

Offering a meticulous selection of superb Latin-inspired dishes, Carbón is another major breakthrough concept from MDA Restaurants, presenting a modern Latin American-inspired culinary experience.

Opening its doors just last year, Carbón serves Latin American goodness, prepared up, close and personal over a live fire grill. Located in MD Place, at the heart of Jakarta, guests will experience a wide variety of flavours reminiscent of Mexico and Peru.

Helmed by Chef Andri, chef patron of MDA, Carbón highlights the best ingredients from the land and sea of Latin American indigenous cuisine, including the use of Mexican heirloom single origin corn, a variety of Peruvian Aji and copious types of Mexican chillies. For Latin American cuisine, grilling over an open fire is a way of life inspired by cross-cultural dishes and culinary traditions, especially when eating juicy cuts of meat. Carbón serves select prime and aged cuts using the live fire grill, as well as pierna de bestia – the barbacoa slow cooking style, to give a wider variety to all guests.

Blackened Wagyu Tongue

Carbón’s interior design invites guests to imagine a post-apocalyptic, steampunk mash vibe that reminds diners of post-apocalyptic adventure shack. This concept invokes a sense of adventure with char-grilled wall panels, an Amazon River formed by floating charcoals, cracked walls, a fossilized wood texture, lava-oriented wall panels, steampunk-themed sculptures and, last but not least, the grill. In the middle of the entrance, guests will be welcomed by an infused tequila counter – truly one of a kind, if not the only one in town. Sporting a fully stocked bar with an expansive tequila and cocktail list, top-shelf spirits and wine, Carbón also serves its very own tropical IPA beer.


MD Place

Jalan Setiabudi Selatan, Kuningan

Jakarta 12910, Indonesia

T: (+62) 87777227266

E: info@carbonjakarta.com