Uncompromising On Quality And Taste

Uncompromising On Quality And Taste


From old-school classics to contemporary hi-balls with a creative twist, Fever-Tree’s range of premium mixers will take your cocktails to the next level.

Beginning with the philosophy that if up to ¾ of your drink is the mixer, then you should always and only ever use the best, Fever-Tree has created a host of refined mixers that will take your home and bar mixology to the next level.

With intense research into historical recipes and exploring the possibilities of ingredients around the globe, Fever-Tree went to the ends of the earth in pursuit of the best, and is still researching.

Designed to enliven and enhance the world’s finest spirits by using only the best, natural ingredients, with Fever-Tree mixers it is pure and natural every time. There are no artificial flavourings or sweeteners, and since the launch of its first tonic water, there has been a strict policy of no compromise.

No wonder Fever-Tree is the choice of discerning bartenders around the world.

Premium Indian Tonic Water

Uniquely fresh with subtle and supportive citrus notes balanced by quinine, Fever-Tree’s Premium Indian Tonic water is a multi-purpose tonic using a handful of different botanicals, including the distinctive natural quinine from the fever trees of the Democratic Republic of Congo and oils from Mexican Bitter Oranges, which craft a clean and refreshing taste and aroma that will boost the flavour profiles of a wide variety of gins, as well as creating the Ultimate Gin & Tonic.

The Perfect Serve

Create the Ultimate Gin & Tonic by combining Fever-Tree’s Premium Indian Tonic Water with a premium spirit, like Brockmans Gin. Add a wedge of lemon or lime to garnish.

Premium Ginger Ale

Made with a blend of three rare and unique gingers, Fever-Tree’s Premium Ginger Ale is an incredibly fiery, full-bodied mixer. Perfectly balanced, the combination of fresh and light green ginger from the Ivory Coast, the intense and complex earthy Nigerian ginger and the ginger sourced from Cochin, India with its chocolate notes, produce a mixer that teases the best out of dark spirits like premium whiskies, bourbons and rums.

The Perfect Serve

Create the Ultimate Whiskey and Ginger by combining Fever-Tree’s Premium Ginger Ale with a premium spirit like Bulleit Bourbon. Finish off with a twist of orange or lemon rind.

Premium Ginger Beer

A distinct, fresh ginger beer that is invigorating and clean on the palate, but not so sweet. Using the same three raw gingers as the ginger ale, the taste fills the whole mouth and leaves a lingering warmth at the back of the throat. Delightfully refreshing over ice as a drink on its own, it is an ideal premium mixer for a wide range of spirts like premium rums, vodkas and gin. For a refreshing long drink mix with dry white wine for a delicious ginger spritzer.

The Perfect Serve

Create the Ultimate Rum and Ginger by combining Fever-Tree’s Premium Ginger Beer with a rum like one of the epic Plantation Rum signature blends. Dress it up with a wedge of lime.


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