Akademi at katamama

Akademi at katamama


Since its opening, Akademi has gained attention and respect in the mixology scene. More than just a bar, Akademi is a hub for the bartending craft, where creative mixologists and people in the industry gather to learn from one another. Comfortable and stylish, it is ensconced by Katamama’s lobby – Desa Potato Head’s first hotel. As a bar that pays paramount respect to the craft of mixology, one can be sure that Akademi only serves a curated array of artisan spirits, in addition to using the freshest and finest local ingredients, from root to flower approach. Most importantly, following its owning group, Akademi sticks to Desa Potato Head’s sustainable and zero-waste approach.

Beyond housing one of the biggest collections of premium spirits in Indonesia, Akademi also holds a collection of house-infused locally produced arak, made from coconut, rice and cane. The bar is also known for working closely with local artisans and permaculture experts to get the best produce right in the hotel grounds. The result? Inspired drinks that highlight the best of what Indonesia has to offer. Akademi has the habit of learning about and focusing on a different indigenous ingredient every month – a fun and educational process even for the most novice drinker.


Naturally, Akademi attracts international guest mixologists, who are as keen to learn about the local ingredients and create cocktails from them as the team is eager to show them. The guest mixologists also help train the new generation of local bartenders during their visits.

Chic but not pretentious, and retro yet modern, the ambience at Akademi is quite unparalleled. Comprising elements like four shades of terrazzo, brass accessories, royal blue upholstery and vintage Gaetano Sciolari’s 70s pendant lights, Akademi is definitely something else. Completing the look are the customized ceramic, wood and copper glasses, and a library of rare drinks literature. The cherry on top is the vinyl turntable with a Klipsch hi-fi audio system enhancing the vibe.


  • Mamarita
  • Tama Tama
  • Akademi Negroni


Jalan Petitenget No. 51B, Seminyak

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3613029999


Exquisite Taste September – November 2019