Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head Beach Club


From the first time the beach club opened its doors in 2010, Potato Head Beach Club has shown that it’s in a league of its own. The brainchild of one of Indonesia’s leading hospitality groups, Desa Potato Head, the beach club is the result of some brilliant collective work between esteemed architect Andra Matin and Desa Potato Head’s founding partners Ronald Akili and Jason Gunawan. To call it a beach club feels obsolete, as Potato Head Beach Club is so much more than that – it has become a destination that offers an elaborate experience of mixology, music, lifestyle and more. Above all, Potato Head Beach Club is committed to taking the sustainable and zero-waste approach in every operation.

Seminyak’s skyline has never been the same since Potato Head Beach Club opened, providing an iconic landmark comprising a Coliseum-shaped establishment made from a cacophony of 18th century teak window shutters sourced from all over Indonesia. Beyond the jaw-dropping facade are the 500sqm lawn, two bars, two restaurants and an infinity pool overlooking the popular Seminyak Beach.

Indo Mai Tai

Potato Head Beach Club has secured a place in music enthusiasts’ hearts as a prominent entertainment venue for Southeast Asia. Legendary artists like Grace Jones, John Legend, Snoop Lion and Fatboy Slim have had memorable performances here, in addition to Disclosure, Azealia Banks and Jessie Ware. Beyond the music, Potato Head also hosts film festivals, dance parties and cultural events and programmes.

Of course, all of the above mentioned would not matter if the drinks were not up to par. Fortunately, the inspired cocktails at Potato Head Beach Club are a big part of why the venue is so popular. Creative tipples created by internationally respected mixologist Dre Masso highlight Bali’s rich fruits, spices and herbs – drawing inspiration from the tropical lifestyle of Bali.

Hary Wahyudi
head mixologist

“We are rebels, we are always evolving, improving, applying creativity in order to
create amazing-tasting drinks with the flavours of the island.”

Hary Wahyudi is now helming the club as the head of mixology, carrying on Dre’s legacy and incorporating his own unique flair into the menu. Hary’s bartending journey started eight years ago, and he joined Potato Head Beach Club a year later, where he met talented mentors like Dre and the former head of beverages development Kamil Foltan. Hary’s skills took him to his first overseas posting at Potato Head Singapore in 2015, the opening of Potato Head Sai Ying Pun in Hong Kong in 2016 and the opening of Katamama hotel back in Bali.

When asked about what makes Potato Head Beach Club stand out from the rest when it comes to mixology, Hary mused, “We are rebels, we are always evolving, improving, applying creativity in order to create amazing-tasting drinks with the flavours of the island. We aim to be inspired by the bar scene in general.”

He also believes that Bali’s mixology scene has something to look forward to. “The bartenders have developed more and more; we’re seeing big changes over the past few years. A bright future is just ahead, the only thing to be maintained is the consistency in how we’re carrying the industry into the future.”

While Hary’s ultimate go-to drinks are classics, like Negroni and gin & tonic, he suggests guests at the beach club try the meticulously crafted signature cocktails – one of which is Kookabura. Concocted from homemade lemongrass-infused gin, mint and passion fruit foam, Kookabura has a refreshing zest that plays well with the sunshine and the beach life.


  • Indo Mai Tai
  • Kookabura
  • Barong Zombie

Potato Head Beach Club

Jalan Petitenget No. 51, Seminyak

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3614737979

E: reservation@pttfamily.com


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