HK Skyline

HK Skyline

Miguel Fernandez Fernandez

Miguel Fernandez

Mixologist & Seasoned Bar Manager

at Ozone, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

HK Skyline

German mixologist and seasoned bar manager Miguel Fernandez has, in his many years of bartending, snatched a respectable number of awards from around the world, including Most Talented Bartender of the Year 2005-06 for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Best Hotel Bar of the Year while managing The Roomers bar in Frankfurt, as well as being Germany’s finalist in the World Class European competition and runner up at the World Final Sydney 2015. Miguel is now an internationally accomplished mixologist with unique signature cocktails like Bamboo, a refreshing Asian-inspired creation, Lucha Pina, a spicy infused tequila-based wonder, and HK Skyline, a sweet-sour combo of pink grapefruit, lime and homemade Oolong syrup and Dom Perignon lecithin foam.



• 60ml Zacapa 23 years

• 30ml fresh pink grapefruit juice

• 10ml fresh lime juice

• 15ml Imperial Oolong syrup*

Absinth sprayed around the glass

• Dom Perignon lecithin foam**

To Serve

• Rum, juices and syrup well shaken, double-strain into a classic  Martini glass

(sprayed with absinth on the outside.)

• Place the champagne foam on top.

• Glass on a slate, chocolate stones and flowers around it.

• Cover the glass with a cloche and use a smoke gun to smoke  the inside with applewood.

Note:  * a mix of Imperial Oolong tea, smoked paprika, salt, Java pepper, anise, vanilla, orange zest, green cardamom, sugar, water, coffee beans. 

** mix 100ml Dom Perignon with 10g of lecithin, blend it well and then use an aquarium pump to create the foam.